Waverly, OH

Waverly, OH

If you’re looking for a town chalk full of small-town values, you will not be disappointed with Waverly, OH which is in the southern part of Ohio. You will find Waverly is located about an hour from the big city Columbus, OH and is close to the highway making it easy to find gainful employment in nearby bigger cities. While Waverly itself is small it is in a great location near several attractions. Dogwood Pass is one such attraction. Dogwood Pass is an old mining town that is known for its place as the home of the Roy Rogers Museum. You will also find that Dogwood Pass hosts fun wild west shows that are fun for the entire family. Another fun stop close to Waverly, OH is Pike Lake State Park. Pike Lake is a manmade lake and a must see in this part of the country. You won’t want to miss the stunning backdrop of scenery here at this beautiful lake in southern Ohio. There are many other fun attractions around Waverly, OH that your family will enjoy discovering on your trip to the Ohio River.

Waverly is most famously known for being the largest stop on the Erie Canal. Though early settlers couldn’t have predicted that they would become a rather important part of the Erie Canal, they certainly hoped they would and did not disappoint. Waverly, OH is rich with history of the early American civilization as much of the eastern part of the United States is. There are many historical monuments and events throughout, OH and since Waverly is in proximity to the Kentucky border you will find that history is not lacking here. Many residents of Waverly tend to rent their homes rather than buy which makes this town a prime place for investors looking to purchase rental properties. Another interesting fact about Waverly is that there is a large populace of retired folks here, making it a laid-back and quiet community in this part of Ohio. You’ll be surprised that this small but mighty town really does have a lot to offer, whether you’re in town for a visit or looking to come and stay for a spell we think you’ll enjoy Waverly, OH a great deal.

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