Portsmouth, OH

Portsmouth, OH

Portsmouth, OH is a city situated on the banks of the Ohio River across from the Ohio and Kentucky border. Portsmouth has a history rich dating back to the Native Americans settled there somewhere between 100 and 500 BC. The location of Portsmouth, OH is situated on what was previously known as the town of Shawnee, however Shawnee was destroyed by floods and the new town was built in its place and would later be named Portsmouth, OH. Europeans started settling in the area after the Revolutionary War. Though Portsmouth remains a smaller town to date, the Ohio state legislature started working on ways to build up towns like Portsmouth, and this lovely city started working on reinventing its downtown area with new development to add to the value and development in the area. The hope is to inspire more people and investors to have interest in this quaint town.

Portsmouth is rich in that small town feel, so much so that it was named Hallmark’s Hometown Christmas Town in 2019. The town hosted a lovely Winterland to celebrate the occasion with all the Winter themed wonders. The celebration included carriage rides, ice skating, twinkle lights, vendors and even a tree lighting. Portsmouth has that quaint hometown feel that we all love and is a wonderful place to visit in the Winter to get that Hallmark movie experience. There are a few must-see places when we think of Portsmouth, OH and one of them is the floodwall murals. The Ohio river overflowing has been the culprit of many damaging floods in this area of Ohio. As a result, the local communities decided to create a floodwall to protect their homes and businesses from times when the river would overflow. Artist Robert Dafford painted stunning murals on the Floodwall. It took him nearly 10 years to complete the project, but it has become an important stop for tourists along the Ohio River.

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