Why Epoxy Flooring Should Be Installed by Professionals

Epoxy is a big buzz word these days. Epoxy floors have taken the internet by storm, and we can’t blame people for wanting to upgrade their concrete garage or basement floors for gorgeous epoxy flooring. But it is best to have professionals complete your epoxy flooring installation and there are several reasons why we think you will get better results if you leave it to the professionals. New Image Surface Coatings in Waverly, OH has got you covered when it comes to incredible epoxy coated floors for your home.

Epoxy Prep is Very Important

There is a lot that goes into preparing a space that is being converted to epoxy coated floors. Knowing exactly what is needed and how the floors should be properly prepared is one of the areas of expertise you should expect from your epoxy flooring installer. Aside from preparing the actual epoxy coating material other areas of preparation include preparing the actual floor. The floor that is going to be receiving the epoxy coating must be completely dry and free of debris. Something that is not commonly known about epoxy floor installation is that if there is any moisture or debris remaining on the floor that is to be coated it could negatively impact the outcome of the epoxy coating. A team of professionals will be able to ensure that your floors are ready for a well-done epoxy coating.

Having the Right Epoxy Equipment Matters

There are several pieces of equipment that are used in any epoxy flooring installation. Being properly trained on how to use these items is important in order to achieve the best results on your floors. Utilizing the appropriate equipment will ensure a faster installation process as well as more consistent and better final results. Another point to mention is that the quality of epoxy consumers can purchase in a retail store will not be the same quality that professional epoxy installers will have. Settling for a DIY epoxy will not have the lasting results you would get from a team of trained professionals. Epoxy coated floors are worth the effort, but there is a process involved, part of that process is the curing of the flooring. Having professionals use the right equipment and follow the right process will go a long way towards getting you the floors you are looking for.

Quality Epoxy Work is Key

A professional epoxy coating installation guarantees the best outcome. Epoxy floors are smooth, and did you know that they are antibacterial as well? Using high quality epoxy installation services will give you the best quality you can ask for. A professional epoxy installer will make sure the layer of flooring beneath your epoxy is level. This is important because having level floors will make sure the epoxy can be installed smoothly and seamlessly without any rough edges that could be dangerous. Additionally, if epoxy isn’t installed on an appropriately level surface there could be crevices that could harbor moisture and bacteria which will prevent it from being sanitary.

Epoxy Installation by a Pro is Best

With so many intricacies that are involved with epoxy coating installations having a professional is best. There are differences between using epoxy for a craft and coating an entire floor in it. Paying attention to the details that are involved in epoxy installation is what we specialize in here at New Era Surface Coatings. If you are looking to achieve the most high-quality results hiring a team of professionals is the best way to go. Ensure that the job is done properly and in a timely fashion is the way to go with New Era Surface Coating in Waverly Ohio and surrounding areas.