Epoxy Garage Flooring Waverly, OH

Epoxy Garage Flooring Waverly, OH

Garages tend to get a lot of wear and tear from cars, tools and more. This means it is imperative that you have a garage floor that will stand up to the demands every garage is put through. An epoxy garage floor is a great option that is not only durable but looks remarkable and will add so much value to your home. At New Image Epoxy Garage Flooring in Waverly, OH we can transform your drab cement garage floors into a durable epoxy floor that is not only durable and functional but will look phenomenal too. Since epoxy garage floors aren’t something that everyone is familiar with we want to go over the ins and outs of epoxy garage flooring.

What is Epoxy Service for Garage Floors?
Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that is applied to your floors as a coating. To get epoxy you combine epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. These two substances when combined in the proper formulation create an epoxy resin for garage floors. Mixing the epoxide resin and polyamine hardener together creates a chemical reaction and once that starts to occur the epoxy garage floors go into a curing process. During the curing process the epoxy becomes strong and durable. Epoxy is not like paint; paint merely coats the surface. Epoxy is strong and will hold up to the demands of cars parking on it and anything else you want to test it with.

What are the benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors?
You may wonder why investing in epoxy garage floors in Waverly, OH is worthwhile? There are many advantages to epoxy garage flooring. Not only does epoxy look fantastic but it is also functional. Once epoxy is cured you get a durable hardened flooring unlike any other. Epoxy is resilient and can stand up to spills and stains, abrasions to the surface, as well as chipping and impact from dropping heavy items. Another advantage of epoxy garage floors is that they are resistant to water which is a wonderful advantage especially in climates with seasons of snow like we have here in Waverly, OH.

What Do Epoxy Garage Floors Look Like?
Epoxy can be done in a variety of colors and styles. In addition to the colored epoxy coating, you can also add colored flakes that create a decorative look to the epoxy garage floor and finally there is a clear coat applied that will protect both the color layer and the colored flakes. This combination of layers together makes your durable, beautiful epoxy garage flooring system. There are many ways you can get epoxy garage floors and each one looks unique.

Having epoxy garage flooring services installed in your home is a great way to have strong durable floors that also look incredible. Epoxy garage floors can take a beating, stand up to spills and are water resistant. Many novice mechanics who spend a lot of time in their garage report that epoxy garage floors are a great asset to their workshop at home in their garage. If you’re looking for a way update your garage floors you can’t go wrong with our epoxy garage floor service here in Waverly, OH.