All About Epoxy Flooring in Waverly, OH

Epoxy flooring has become increasingly popular in Waverly, OH and the surrounding areas due to its durability and versatility. New Image Surface Coatings is a local company that specializes in installing epoxy flooring for both residential and commercial properties.

Epoxy flooring is a type of flooring made from a mixture of resin and hardener that creates a strong, durable surface when it cures. It is often used in garages, warehouses, and industrial settings due to its ability to withstand heavy loads and wear and tear. However, it can also be used in homes and offices to create a sleek, modern look.

One of the major benefits of epoxy flooring is its durability. It is resistant to stains, scratches, and damage from heavy machinery or equipment. This makes it ideal for use in areas that see a lot of foot traffic or heavy use. It is also easy to clean and maintain, requiring only regular sweeping and mopping to keep it looking new.

Epoxy flooring can also enhance the look of any space. It is available in a variety of colors and can even be customized with decorative flakes or other design elements. This allows homeowners and businesses to create a unique look that fits their personal style.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, epoxy flooring is also a practical choice for many properties. It is resistant to moisture, which makes it ideal for use in damp or humid areas. It is also resistant to mold and mildew, making it a hygienic choice for food processing facilities and other areas where cleanliness is a top priority.

Installing epoxy flooring is a process that requires the expertise of trained professionals. New Image Surface Coatings has a team of experienced technicians who are skilled in the installation of epoxy flooring. The process begins with the preparation of the surface, which may involve grinding or resurfacing the existing floor to create a smooth, even surface.

Next, the epoxy mixture is applied to the floor in thin layers. The number of layers and the thickness of each layer will depend on the specific needs of the space and the desired level of durability. Once the epoxy has cured, it creates a seamless, smooth surface that is ready for use.

In addition to installing new epoxy flooring, New Image Surface Coatings also offers repair and maintenance services for existing epoxy floors. This includes repairs for any damages or imperfections, as well as regular maintenance to keep the floor looking its best.

Overall, epoxy flooring is a durable, versatile, and attractive flooring option for both residential and commercial properties in Waverly, OH and the surrounding areas. New Image Surface Coatings is a reliable and trusted choice for the installation, repair, and maintenance of epoxy flooring.

Why Epoxy Flooring Should Be Installed by Professionals

Epoxy is a big buzz word these days. Epoxy floors have taken the internet by storm, and we can’t blame people for wanting to upgrade their concrete garage or basement floors for gorgeous epoxy flooring. But it is best to have professionals complete your epoxy flooring installation and there are several reasons why we think you will get better results if you leave it to the professionals. New Image Surface Coatings in Waverly, OH has got you covered when it comes to incredible epoxy coated floors for your home.

Epoxy Prep is Very Important

There is a lot that goes into preparing a space that is being converted to epoxy coated floors. Knowing exactly what is needed and how the floors should be properly prepared is one of the areas of expertise you should expect from your epoxy flooring installer. Aside from preparing the actual epoxy coating material other areas of preparation include preparing the actual floor. The floor that is going to be receiving the epoxy coating must be completely dry and free of debris. Something that is not commonly known about epoxy floor installation is that if there is any moisture or debris remaining on the floor that is to be coated it could negatively impact the outcome of the epoxy coating. A team of professionals will be able to ensure that your floors are ready for a well-done epoxy coating.

Having the Right Epoxy Equipment Matters

There are several pieces of equipment that are used in any epoxy flooring installation. Being properly trained on how to use these items is important in order to achieve the best results on your floors. Utilizing the appropriate equipment will ensure a faster installation process as well as more consistent and better final results. Another point to mention is that the quality of epoxy consumers can purchase in a retail store will not be the same quality that professional epoxy installers will have. Settling for a DIY epoxy will not have the lasting results you would get from a team of trained professionals. Epoxy coated floors are worth the effort, but there is a process involved, part of that process is the curing of the flooring. Having professionals use the right equipment and follow the right process will go a long way towards getting you the floors you are looking for.

Quality Epoxy Work is Key

A professional epoxy coating installation guarantees the best outcome. Epoxy floors are smooth, and did you know that they are antibacterial as well? Using high quality epoxy installation services will give you the best quality you can ask for. A professional epoxy installer will make sure the layer of flooring beneath your epoxy is level. This is important because having level floors will make sure the epoxy can be installed smoothly and seamlessly without any rough edges that could be dangerous. Additionally, if epoxy isn’t installed on an appropriately level surface there could be crevices that could harbor moisture and bacteria which will prevent it from being sanitary.

Epoxy Installation by a Pro is Best

With so many intricacies that are involved with epoxy coating installations having a professional is best. There are differences between using epoxy for a craft and coating an entire floor in it. Paying attention to the details that are involved in epoxy installation is what we specialize in here at New Era Surface Coatings. If you are looking to achieve the most high-quality results hiring a team of professionals is the best way to go. Ensure that the job is done properly and in a timely fashion is the way to go with New Era Surface Coating in Waverly Ohio and surrounding areas.

Do Epoxy Floor Coatings Enhance The Look Of Your Business Space?

Considering epoxy floor coatings is a great way to enhance the look of your business. Epoxy has the unique ability of being able to cover a damaged and stained concrete floor. You can breathe life and color into your industrial or commercial space with epoxy floor coverings. A relatively easy and affordable upgrade to your space, choosing to cover your concrete floors with epoxy rather than poor entirely new floors is often a much more desirable option. Here are our top four reasons why we think epoxy is a great alternative for your flooring here in the Waverly, OH area.

Epoxy Is Easy To Install

Epoxy floor coatings are easy to install, which means the professional installer can get the job done quick! Many types of floor installation can take time, preparing sub floors and making sure the setting is just right could mean closing shop for longer than is ideal for a business. However, epoxy floor coatings can be installed relatively quickly, which means less down time for your place of business. Another plus is if you can section off your business and do the epoxy in sections, you could potentially have little to no downtime at all. As a whole, epoxy is a quick installation process that will have your business ready to roll in no time flat!

Durability Of Epoxy Flooring Is Key

When you are considering epoxy services you may wonder if the final product is durable? Foot traffic is no problem with epoxy flooring. Epoxy coating on your commercial or industrial floors is a great alternative because it looks so nice and can hold up to quite a bit of wear and tear. You can count on the longevity of your epoxy floors when they are properly maintained. Another great aspect along the lines of wear and tear is that epoxy floors can handle extreme temperatures. Since epoxy is heat and water resistant you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that hot summers won’t cause you too much trouble, and even better during our long winters here in Ohio salt and snow being tracked through will cause no harm. Epoxy is an incredible and durable solution for your industrial facility.

Epoxy Maintenance Is A Breeze

Keeping your epoxy floors maintained is painless! Epoxy doesn’t require any special cleaners to keep it looking wonderful. Regularly mopping and sweeping the flooring in your business is all you need to do to have fantastic look floors for many years. This is a great attribute when it comes to epoxy in a business, you and your employees will be able to keep your floors looking flawless with only the most minimal effort. Having epoxy floors in your Waverly, OH business will really keep things simple and that is a time saver any business owner can get behind.

Epoxy Adds Flair To Your Floors

You can do so much visually with epoxy. You can create interest and visual effect with epoxy that will make your business stand out. One fun option for your epoxy flooring is to consider having it done in the color of your logo to match your company aesthetic. Epoxy is like no other floor on the market, you can make a real splash with epoxy! With epoxy flooring in your Waverly, OH area business you can stay on brand even on the floor!

With so many pros, epoxy floors are a great solution to updating your commercial or industrial space. Your new floors will be the talk of the industry!

Epoxy Garage Flooring Waverly, OH

Epoxy Garage Flooring Waverly, OH

Garages tend to get a lot of wear and tear from cars, tools and more. This means it is imperative that you have a garage floor that will stand up to the demands every garage is put through. An epoxy garage floor is a great option that is not only durable but looks remarkable and will add so much value to your home. At New Image Epoxy Garage Flooring in Waverly, OH we can transform your drab cement garage floors into a durable epoxy floor that is not only durable and functional but will look phenomenal too. Since epoxy garage floors aren’t something that everyone is familiar with we want to go over the ins and outs of epoxy garage flooring.

What is Epoxy Service for Garage Floors?
Epoxy is a thermosetting resin that is applied to your floors as a coating. To get epoxy you combine epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. These two substances when combined in the proper formulation create an epoxy resin for garage floors. Mixing the epoxide resin and polyamine hardener together creates a chemical reaction and once that starts to occur the epoxy garage floors go into a curing process. During the curing process the epoxy becomes strong and durable. Epoxy is not like paint; paint merely coats the surface. Epoxy is strong and will hold up to the demands of cars parking on it and anything else you want to test it with.

What are the benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors?
You may wonder why investing in epoxy garage floors in Waverly, OH is worthwhile? There are many advantages to epoxy garage flooring. Not only does epoxy look fantastic but it is also functional. Once epoxy is cured you get a durable hardened flooring unlike any other. Epoxy is resilient and can stand up to spills and stains, abrasions to the surface, as well as chipping and impact from dropping heavy items. Another advantage of epoxy garage floors is that they are resistant to water which is a wonderful advantage especially in climates with seasons of snow like we have here in Waverly, OH.

What Do Epoxy Garage Floors Look Like?
Epoxy can be done in a variety of colors and styles. In addition to the colored epoxy coating, you can also add colored flakes that create a decorative look to the epoxy garage floor and finally there is a clear coat applied that will protect both the color layer and the colored flakes. This combination of layers together makes your durable, beautiful epoxy garage flooring system. There are many ways you can get epoxy garage floors and each one looks unique.

Having epoxy garage flooring services installed in your home is a great way to have strong durable floors that also look incredible. Epoxy garage floors can take a beating, stand up to spills and are water resistant. Many novice mechanics who spend a lot of time in their garage report that epoxy garage floors are a great asset to their workshop at home in their garage. If you’re looking for a way update your garage floors you can’t go wrong with our epoxy garage floor service here in Waverly, OH.